Thursday, August 19, 2010

History in the making!

History was made on Tuesday, August 17th between 11 am and 12 pm in Regina, SK!!
Not only for our province, but for our country when Minister of Health, Don McMorris, met with Dr. Angela Bowen, Jamie Petty and I, and readily agreed to endorse the first-ever MotherFirst recommendations for our province!

There is history in the making for Canada, also, as other provinces have been watching our work and wanting to move forward with our comprehensive recommendations of education, screening, and treatment through sustainability and accountability - all of these actions to ensure emotional well-being for mothers and their children! We will update you as the momentum continues!

An ENORMOUS "Thank you!" goes to Dr. Angela Bowen and the 34 other members that represent the entire province of Saskatchewan who are on the SK Maternal Mental Health Working Group
for creating such a "commendable report!" These are Minister McMorris' words! Thank you to each and every one of our Smiling Mask ambassadors who have also wholeheartedly supported this endeavour and believe that a happy and healthy mother makes for a happy and healthy family!

The next step for our province is evolving our working group into an implementation committee to guide the government toward the health of all mothers and children by creating regional implementation committees throughout the province.

If there are mothers and others out there in the world that want to share our recommendations to their powers that be, know that the report will be available for download in the fall! We'll be sure to make you aware so you may share it freely and joyfully!

Grateful beyond all understanding!!!

Elita, Carla & Tania

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kelly Nordstrom as a PPD "Thrivor" and Planet Propellor!

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Kelly, online, when both our stories were on CNN Online regarding Postpartum Depression ~ thanks very much to a dear, male friend of mine who even recommended this site in the first place!

I did my usual thing by asking Kelly if she would like to cross reference each of our sites as I truly admired her healing journey and was sharing her positive experience with the world ~! She quickly agreed and a friendship was as quickly forged :) I admired her tenacity, honesty and humour right from the start...and shortly after she sent a video that further confirmed everything I adored about her; especially her message that is full of heart and hope - click here to understand why she's making a world of difference as she is, and therefore a Planet Propellor, too!

Kelly also offers kind and clever parenting workshops on her site that were an immense help with understanding Ella that much more. For example, I received her Rewards & Consequences Chart earlier this summer to help Ward and I to be more respectful, loving and balanced when teaching Ella to fall asleep earlier at nighttime. Her system also teaches our children to realize how much they positively propel our planet forward with enthusiasm and great speed ~ I just LOVED that! Kelly even responded quickly and heartfully to my lengthy email inquiry so that the system worked that much better for our family ~ now that's a professional and a friend!

Kelly, from my heart to yours...thank you for remaining true to yourself and your children and to your life purpose. You are truly a shining light for all! Gratefully yours....