Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our first online interview with our hubbies!

Check out for our first online magazine interview with Darren and Ward! Thanks so much for Janine Slayton and Katharine DeBoard for asking us to be their feature article for May and June 2009...what an honour. And, Janine and Katharine...thank you for being your fabulous-selves with each and every one of us!

p.s. Hey you fabulous friends of may want to consider joining this site, too, as we know you have much to contribute to this network!'s been a while and are we ever on the move!!

Sooo...our book came out on November 20th and we've been quite busy since!! You'll have to check out our Upcoming Events link on our site at to understand just how we have become so well embraced by the medical, academic and Mom's Group communities!

One of the more exciting things that's happening is how we'll be speaking on our first international stage in New York City on May 29th for the Association for Research on Mothering's conference Mother's Gone Mad! Their conference runs parallel to Mamapalooza's event! Imagine all the connections and networking that will happen? You know...there are a few friends joining us...would you be interested? If so, send us a message at!

Well, now that I finally got back on the blog-wagon...look forward to our updates and findings as the year progresses! Until then..."take care of you" as our friend Dr. Rose likes to end her messages, too!

Elita on behalf of The Smiling Mask Team