Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our first online interview with our hubbies!

Check out for our first online magazine interview with Darren and Ward! Thanks so much for Janine Slayton and Katharine DeBoard for asking us to be their feature article for May and June 2009...what an honour. And, Janine and Katharine...thank you for being your fabulous-selves with each and every one of us!

p.s. Hey you fabulous friends of may want to consider joining this site, too, as we know you have much to contribute to this network!

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Danita said...

I loved this interview!!! It is very informative about PPD in general and how it affected all of you specifically. I loved reading about your personal experiences, and especially loved reading everyone's constant encouragement to seek solutions and squash the need to keep this a secret. I think that adding Darren's and Ward's perspectives is genius. I think this interview should be read by everyone who has had, (as it will probably explain a lot about their own experiences if they were rough) and who intends to have a child. I just felt the bubble surrounding the secret of PPD bursting as I read the article!

May life bring great blessing to all of you for trying to break through society's mask.