Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ebb & Flow

To all of our followers, thank you for your time and interest!

As with all seasons, winter is a time for hibernation and personal reflection. To that end, we, The Smiling Mask Team, are taking a brief break with our blog.

If you are a follower please send in an entry and we will post. This is a wonderful opportunity for your voice.

Energetically, we are on the cusp of Spring and with that transition we need quiet time to sit, ponder, rest, reset and reflect. Spring brings with it new growth. As with nature, we ebb and flow.

We have many upcoming events that we need to get ready for. To that end, we do hope that our followers will brave the computer board and send us a posting.


Carla, Elita and Tania
The Smiling Mask Team

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