Friday, April 2, 2010

Celebrate Forgiveness and Rebirth!

Today, as we embark on a holiday that celebrates forgiveness and rebirth, I would like to encourage each mother who needs support to follow her heart, rest her pain and begin her own healing journey.

Whatever pain you endure and hold onto is a choice; that is whether you allow it to define your spirit. Choose to give life to hope, gratitude and you will receive abundance.

I would like to thank and honor my team and kindred friends Elita Paterson, Tania Bird and Peggy Collins, who have allowed me to achieve such growth and happiness in a short period of time.

We are works in progress, but our positive light has out-shined any of the dark days we endured. We also know that we are waves in the ocean. When one of us is struggling with a storm, the others are there to provide solace and refuge. Our shoreline is vast and endless, so are the possibilities of healing.

We are deeply proud to announce that we have been nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinction, Circle of Friends Category for 2010.
This achievement reflects our original mission to provide awareness, acceptance and assistance for mothers and families struggling with PPD.

We graciously thank our supporters for the nomination, as well as our ambassadors who believed in our dream to destroy the mask.

With love and light,

Carla O’Reilly, Elita Paterson and Tania Bird

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