Sunday, September 12, 2010

We hit PPD info jackpot!

We hit this jackpot when Rachel Day excitedly reached out to us August 27 from the United Kingdom wanting to also share her story on our site AND her book (!) ~ for her to then share our stories on hers! Then we asked her if her husband would consider answering a few interview questions. She responded by saying that they were divorced but still had a strong relationship and she would ask. Well, not only did her ex-Husband answer our questions, so did her fiancé who also went through Post-Natal Psychosis with his first wife!! Truly, truly admirable and courageous people for each and every one of them to share their lives like they have for the world to read and learn. May your hearts be open to their courageous words of hope!

Rachel Day's story....
The men in her life, stories....

May you also check-out Rachel's site AND incredible book at with admiration and gratitude!

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