Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Smiling Mask Team LIFE LIST (aka To The Core Consulting)

Overall - The Smiling Mask Team is living on purpose, for purpose and with purpose. We are open and welcome cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships that uplift others and ourselves. We work easily, effortlessly, and efficiently with passion, ease and grace – we work smart, not hard!

The items that are in gray represent what we have and/or achieving!

Work + Financial
1. Be cash flow positive.
2. Get to National Best Selling status on the book.
3. Do meaningful work that helps others.
4. Be financially free and responsible.

Home + Daily Life
1. Enjoy our home life families and be grateful for all.
2. Practice meditation daily (whether it is yoga, quietness, or Ho’oponopono).
3. Take vacations when rest is required (even if we don’t leave our homes).

Relationships (Family, Friends and Pets)
1. Be grateful for our families, friends and pets. Show gratitude daily.
2. Maintain and be thankful for the positive relationships with our ambassadors.
3. Continue to attract cooperative opportunities and relationships that benefit both parties.

Giving Back
1. Continue giving $1.00 from every book sold to our charities of choice.
2. Give of our time openly and generously.
3. Continue to create the safe space for people to share their struggles and especially their healing.
4. Focus on parenting and children.
5. Focus on wellness and wholeness.

Travel, Exploration + Experience
1. Travel to many desirable destinations with each other and with our families with ease (e.g.: NYC, Fredericton, NB)
2. Empower and inspire all of Canada to prioritize maternal mental health.
3. Create a big screen movie.
4. Finally, create our children’s book and also include Mary MacNicol's Angel painting!
5. Teach and speak.
6. Get a television program.
7. Meet Oprah and Ellen.
8. Receive Order of Canada and Order of Saskatchewan.

Self (Personal Goals + Self Care)
1. Surround ourselves with forgiving, accepting and loving messages.
2. Balance our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.
3. Make it a habit to understand that unfavourable experiences or feelings are simply reminding us what it is we DO want out of life – send out those rockets of desire!
4. To go through life with grace and ease and good times!

Visit to view many more such lists AND to create your own!

Much success and fun!

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Amber Singleton Riviere said...

Thanks for contributing your life list to Rock Your Genius! I'm so glad to have you all as part of the Imua Campaign of 2011.

Love your list. Go through life with grace. Here, here!