Sunday, March 20, 2011

International "Virtual" Workshop(s)

Hi, everyone :)

We've been away from blogging for quite some time as we are leading that much more at home as the Moms we are! We also just received our ISBN number and copyright certificate for our latest resource, "Behind the Mask: Trust, Adjust and Transform Your Life!"workbook!! We're now speaking with our printer to have it available for you this April and before we speak in Montreal for the Family Resource Program of Canada! One more thing...we're preparing for our second "virtual" workshop with Amber Singleton of "Rock Your Genius!" What excitement to be able to have this forum to share and to be among the ranks of the additional speakers!! Read on for more information....

INTERNATIONAL "VIRTUAL" WORKSHOP! The Healing Sequence: The Key, The Cross, The Heart

March 29, 7:30 PM CDT

Register for our workshop: Add to Cart ($30)

Register for the entire day: Click here!

We will be sharing the three steps for healing -- whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual -- the Key (self acceptance), the Cross (self forgiveness), and the Heart (self love). The key is self-acceptance which will unlock all, the cross is self-forgiveness which opens all, and the heart is self love which accepts all, unconditionally. Discover how gratitude can help you uncover the healing sequence. Get full details on the March 29 workshop day here. Don't forget, each workshop is limited to 40 participants, so get your "virtual seat" today!

With great gratitude and elation!

Elita, Carla & Tania

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abroadhead said...

I am looking forward to attending an evening workshop you are having in Lethbridge. I have suffered from PPD 5 times already and am now pregnant again which probably means PPD will hit again. I have used many different ways of treating this over the years, each time being guided by God as to what would be best for me then and there. Each time I get better at asking for help and catching myself before my family is in hell too. I appreciate what you ladies are trying to do and I wish there was more in my community to help those who have no idea what they are really going through (family included) and where they could end up if they don't get help. See you ladies soon!