Wednesday, November 10, 2010

E-Learning Event Maternal Mental Health: Understanding, Care and Support


Maternal Mental Health is an important issue, with one in five women suffering from depression in pregnancy and postpartum. We are implementing recommendations of the MotherFirst working group, with includes screening for depression, improved group and individual therapies, and medical management. This presentation will invite and challenge health professionals to think about how they address the emotional needs of their pregnant and postpartum patients. Questions, such as; What is the EPDS?, When do I screen?, Can I prescribe antidepressants medications for my patients?, will be discussed.

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of maternal depression and anxiety
  • Understand how to screen women for depression in pregnancy and postpartum
  • Know how to start and facilitate a postpartum depression support group
  • Understand effective individual therapies
  • Identify appropriate medical interventions and medications for use in pregnancy
  • Understand the strategies for positive mental health
Target Audience:

Family physicians, obstetricians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, midwives, doulas, public health nurses, mental health workers, social workers, maternal child workers, lactation consultants, KidsFirst workers, pharmacists, prenatal educators, elders and parent mentor program staff.

Pre-workshop reading material available at where you may download the MotherFirst Report.

Registration is free of charge.

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