Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We have two hands: One to Help Ourselves and one to Help Someone Else!

After connecting nearly five years ago, our friendships have grown enormously with our mission to provide healing to many mothers and destroy the mask! We only continue to spread our wings and follow our dreams. True love is accepting someone when they are at their worst and cheering them on when they are at their best! The letter, below, was created as a birthday gift for Tania and also serves as a testament of all the success and healing that has transpired between the three of us! May you use this letter as an inspiration to reach out to your own friends and tell them how much they mean to you!

Ode to my friend and confidante Tania Bird:

She saw beauty and grace when I felt none.
She saw intelligence and wisdom when I felt I had none to offer.
She saw a bountiful spirit when mine so damaged and worn.
She never stopped believing in our dream to educate, empower, encourage and provide empathy.
She loved me during my best and worst times!
She taught me the following lessons;
To never harbor hate or anger.
To never take myself too seriously, and laugh at my humanity.
That the perfect mother doesn’t exist she is only a myth.
That we can never be too fabulous, or too extravagant with our goals and dreams.
That our friends will always provide a soft and safe place for us to fall but it is ultimately our responsibility to choose our happiness.
She has uplifted me to great heights with her guidance and acceptance!

Love and light,

Carla O'Reilly
Author & Inspirational Speaker

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