Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canadian Angels by your side

When I arrived home from work, I was joyful to see an ethereal package ~ an angel reminder. Author, Karen Forrest had connected with Elita Paterson and myself to tell our stories in her upcoming book Canadian Angels: By your side. As I flipped through the book and recalled my interview, I was refreshed by all that we had overcome in the year, past. Through our beliefs to destroy the mask of Postpartum Depression, we had encouraged many mothers to heal. Through the gift of serving we had also forgiven ourselves. By surrounding ourselves with angelic influence: cards, music, therapy, and our friends, we were able to release our demons. We were no longer prisoners to the negative thoughts or energies. You have the power to choose fear or love. We chose love and our worlds have exploded with Angels everywhere! Visit Karen Forrest’s website for more information on this book ~ www.karenforrest.com!

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