Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love how the Universe works!

Earlier this month Isla Harvey from Barcroft Media in the UK had asked if we would like to be interviewed so that she could promote our book and spread the awareness even more on her side of the Atlantic! Of course we didn't hesitate ;) But then her supervisor said she would have to interview a Mom in the UK who has or is suffering from Postpartum Psychosis - makes good sense. Well, my very next email was from Elaine Hanzak from THE UK!!! A Mother who went through Puerperal Psychosis, the most severe form of “postnatal depression,” and chose to educate, empower and encourage other Moms to step forward to heal, too. She approached us to ask if we could exchange links on our websites so, together, we could spread the awareness even further!! Please...check out her website where you'll learn how she's positively affecting health professionals, mothers and family support groups plus corporations! Then there's her blog that is constantly being updated with pertinent information!! We feel honoured to have connected with Elaine who is now thriving and changing the world for the better! Thank you for choosing to live your life purpose, Elaine - BIG hugs!

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