Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gratitude Journal

The choice to be healthy, ultimately, lies within you. Anyone can heal themselves, although, if someone would have shared this revelation with me four years ago, I would have ignored the advice.

One lesson I have learned, is everyone heals, differently, and on their own time. In order to help others, we have to allow the person to grieve, and just be available to provide support, empathetically. And, we can only help others as much as we've healed ourselves.

As the three of us used different tools to heal, one that has helped is the feeling of gratitude for all that we have. A suggestion that is therapeutic, fun, and freeing, is to begin a gratitude journal. Jot down notes at the end of the day of everything that you are grateful for. When you look at everything and everyone with love, you will only receive love, back.

Journal, pray, and dream about the world you are grateful for, and your healing will begin.

Carla O’Reilly

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