Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Greatest Achievements: Healing Ourselves and Others!

We were honoured to attend the Saskatchewan Book Awards on November 28th and be among our Province’s most talented writers and poets!

There were 83 entrants in the category of The Readers' Choice Award, and, although, we did not win, we were delighted to be among the eight books, shortlisted! Thank you to all our Ambassadors who, again, supported The Smiling Mask!

Our achieved goals have far surpassed our grandest dreams to educate and connect with empathy.

We realize that we are "pacifist activists" in the truest sense of the words. Together, along with our Ambassadors, we have destroyed the stigma of PPD. The message of healing has allowed us to heal ourselves.

With that said, here are Tania's reflections, before the evening even began. We hope that you enjoy this entry!

I am so proud of the three of us. I am pleased that Elita agreed to write and did not delay in her response. I am pleased tha,t Carla, after four years of struggle, found it within herself to heal, thrive and be well. I am pleased that we have been able to talk in front of groups rather effortlessly, candidly and easily.

I am pleased that Elita is following a lifestyle that provides her with more energy and vitality - it is inspirational.

I am pleased that Carla can watch Cameron by herself, even overnight, which I know took tremendous courage and conviction. I am pleased as I witness us parenting our children, with grace and ease.

I am pleased to watch Carla come into her own with confidence, self-esteem and worth. I am pleased that all three of us took risks, felt the fear, and did it anyways.

I am pleased at myself for pursuing my dreams and desires and not accepting the norm - the traditional way of life.

It does not matter whether we win this award or not. It does not matter if we speak ever to a crowd of families and women, again, or not. It does not matter if we ever write again or not. It does not matter....what matters most is that we accomplished this with integrity, being true to ourselves and brutally honest. What matters is that have we have healed from the crisis of PPD and now are healing ourselves, fully - mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. What matters is that our friendship has moved to a place of real and unconditional acceptance, love and empathy. I admire each of us for that.

So, if we win, we win. If we don't win, we win! Let’s take this evening to celebrate on the past year of accomplishments, both as entrepreneurs with a mission to heal others and more importantly, personally.

In love and light,
Tania Bird

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